Overnight Resolution of Hardware Issues!


Bixolon America today announced the addition of 12 months of SpareByAir coverage to the Bixolon Samsung SRP-350plusII 3 year warranty program. Building on Bixolon’s reputation as a leader in product quality, the addition of SpareByAir next business day exchange capability enable Bixolon to deliver the industry’s best-in-class investment protection.

The SpareByAir warranty offers next day advance replacement of the SRP-350plusII printers purchased and used within the United States and Canada. This convenient, overnight replacement service bridges the gap between the lengthy turnaround time of depot repair and the higher cost of on-site service. Bixolon is offering SpareByAir free of charge with all SRP-350plusII printers purchased after January 1, 2012.

“Bixolon understands the investment that small and medium enterprises make in their point of sale systems, and the urgency involved with restoring that system should a piece of equipment fail”, said Richard Delaney, National Service Manager, at Bixolon America. “By adding SpareByAir next business day exchange to the SRP-350plusII warranty, Bixolon delivers superior choice to the market with the highest level of investment protection of anyone in the industry”.

The enhancements to the SRP-350plusII SpareByAir warranty program include:

Overnight Resolution of Hardware Issues

  • Employees spend less time resolving problem and more time with customers.
  • Replacement printer contains all instructions, paperwork and packing materials for easy return of broken unit.
  • Consistent, proactive resolution to system problems means less employee frustration and quicker execution.

How: When you have determined that the unit has failed, simply call 888-350-0275 to request a spare unit. Replacement support is available M-F from 8am to 5pm, PST. Bixolon will ship the replacement and send it directly to your location the next business day. Installation instructions, shipping documentation and packaging are all included for returning the broken unit to Bixolon.