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10.1" Elo Tablet with Integrated MSR, Barcode Reader, & Smart Card Reader

ELO TabletELOThe new Elo Tablet is designed to help retailers enhance their customer experience and drive sales efficiency through a point-of-service (POS) and point-of-information (POI) platform that is portable, intuitive, reliable and secure. Millions of real-life retail installations all over the world have helped Elo develop unique insight for this next generation of our touch computing innovation.

Running Microsoft® Windows® and featuring an Intel® Atom™ processor with solid-state drive, the tablet has been purpose-built to support leading point-of-sale software environments and the mobile POS (mPOS) initiatives embraced by leading retailers. This is a tablet with all the centralized management and security capabilities of the Windows environment, in a commercial form factor that reduces theft risk.

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SmartPIN B100: PCI Certified Modular PIN Entry DeviceSmartPIN B100

IDTechID TECH’s SmartPIN B100 is a PCI 3.x certified PIN Entry Device designed for outdoor unattended POS operations such as at ATMs, fuel dispensers, kiosks, vending machines, and other POS systems that accept credit and debit payments. SmartPIN B100 is PCI compliant and certified with DES and TDES encryption algorithms and Master/ Session and DUKPT key management to securely transmit encrypted data over the RS-232 or USB-HID communication interface.