Free Star Impact, Thermal, Portable Demo Printer for New Customers

Star Micronics 

Only available to software developers (ISVs) or Value Added Resellers (VARs).

Available to customers that have not bought an impact, thermal, or portable receipt printer from M-S in the last one year.

Available to ISVs / VARs buying 30 or more printers from a competitor per year.

Not available to customers selling hardware on the internet.

Reseller must provide information such as which products they currently offer.

All requests must be emailed to Vendor Product Manager at M-S.

Vendor Product Manager approval required for the free demo printer.

Vendor needs 3-5 business days to ship free demo units. Please check vendor stock before sending urgent demo unit requests.

If vendor does not have demo units in stock and customer needs units sooner, please use the following process:

Ask vendor if we can ship demo units from our stock and invoice the vendor.

Please forward vendor approval to Vendor Product Manager with an order.

Order needs to be processed for customer getting the free unit, free freight, Eval-Net30, invoice at regular price.

Use _REBATE-STAR (item cost in Item master for the warehouse 100 or 110 item is shipping from) to cover vendor portion of the rebate.

Use _Rebate (Customer's regular price-amount used for _REBATE-STAR) which would bring the price charged to the customer to zero.

If customer does not qualify for a free demo unit, please use the following process for demo discount:

Ask vendor for 50% discount off our cost.

Please forward vendor approval to vendor Product Manager with an order.

Order needs to be processed for customer buying the discounted demo unit at regular price.

Use _REBATE-STAR (distributor cost/2) to cover 50% discount.

For more information, please contact M-S Cash Drawer.


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