Up to $56 instant rebate for Touch Dynamic Pulse (not Ultra) AIO, T-20 printer, TD or M-S CD bundle

This does not apply to Pulse Ultra which is already priced competitively.

1:1 ratio of black AIO unit, T-20 serial or USB printer, and Touch Dynamic CD-BL-3000 or any M-S Cash Drawer bundle required.

Applies for Touch Dynamic Pulse J1900 AIO configuration only. Advertised price shows Pulse J1900, PCAP, 4 GB RAM, POS Ready 7, MSR.

Epson printer part# starts with TOU- not EPS-. EPS- part#s are version II T-20 and do not qualify.

Rebate amounts are different but, the bundle comes out identical price with Touch Dynamic CD-BL-3000 or CC-410-B2 series cash drawer.

Items need to be ordered same day but can be shipped from different warehouse or drop shipped from the vendor.

*Please specify _REBATE-TouchDynamic (49) _REBATEMSBUNDLE (7) when placing orders with TOU-C31CB10061 TOU-CD-BL-3000.

*Please specify _REBATE-TouchDynamic (45) and _REBATEMSBUNDLE (7) when placing orders with TOU-C31CB10021 TOU-CD-BL-3000.

*Please specify _REBATE-TouchDynamic (29) _REBATEMSBUNDLE (12) when placing orders with TOU-C31CB10061, any M-S Cash Drawer.

*Please specify _REBATE-TouchDynamic (25) and _REBATEMSBUNDLE (12) when placing orders with TOU-C31CB10021, any M-S Cash Drawer.

*All Orders must be placed, shipped and invoiced during the above promotion period.

For more information, please contact M-S Cash Drawer.



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