Lead Generation Testimonials

Benefits of the program: Our lead program enables channel partners to make healthy revenues from the sale of software, hardware, credit card residuals, support and installation. The program is open to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) that sell bundled solutions.


A retail VAR in Michigan was surprised to receive a three terminal lead from us. They commented, “We are surprised that you are able to find end users in my backyard that we are not able to find ourselves. What is more impressive is the fact that we do not even buy hardware from M-S Cash Drawer and you are still trying to help us grow our business."

A software developer in Michigan had this to say, "Thank you for the lead. I called and spoke with the prospect. Sounds like a possible candidate for our system as he is opening a bookstore / counseling center. I am sending him a demo kit."

After supplying them with a lead a VAR in Southern California replied, "Thank you for the restaurant referral. I talked to Bobby today and hopefully we'll be able to work with him."

A mail room management VAR had the following feedback regarding our lead program, "First of all, thanks for the lead. I have the answers for the end user but feel I would be unfair to M-S in regards to the receipt printer which I currently get from another vendor. Should I proceed with my existing receipt printer vendor and M-S Cash Drawer?"

A restaurant and retail VAR in Minnesota said, "Thank you for the lead. The restaurant is looking to install in January 2011. Thank you for thinking of us and please let us know if you have any future leads in Minnesota."

One of our VAR’s in Georgia had this to say, “Yes, Douglasville is about 30 miles out, so we would be happy to take the lead."

A VAR in Dallas, Texas was able to set up a sales call due to M-S Cash Drawer’s lead generation program, “I spoke to Gregg and we have an appointment to talk on Monday at noon. Thank you for the lead."

Feedback from an Aldelo VAR in Arizona, “Thanks for the lead. I called the guy right after you sent it over and he sounded promising. We have just scheduled to go down on Tuesday and install the Aldelo Software. As he stated in the information you sent me, he only wants software, not hardware. I thought you would like an update on the lead you sent, thanks again."

A Gaming software developer said, “I just spoke to Rick for about 30 minutes. I think he seems interested at this point. "

A Video rental software developer had this to say, "I contacted the customer and already provided a proposal to them. Thanks for the lead."

A California retail VAR commented, “We have spoken to Paul about a 16 terminal install and offered to set up a demo for this Friday at 8:00am.” Needless to say, the VAR will make over $40,000 on the lead provided by M-S Cash Drawer.

A VAR in California’s response was, “I just want to thank you again for this end user lead. They just became a customer! Please keep the leads coming. We greatly appreciate your support."

A restaurant VAR in Washington had this to say about their success with our lead generation program, “I was able to close the sale on the lead you sent over, thanks again!"

A Salon and Health club software developer provided this feedback, “Thank you for the lead. We should have this type of program with all of our vendors."

A Pizza software developer stated, “We have had meaningful prospecting activity with several of the leads M-S Cash Drawer sent over. Keep them coming. Thanks again.”

A Coffee shop software developer said, "We have completed the sale to Ranch Espresso, which is based on a lead from you guys. Thanks again."

A VAR in New Jersey says, "Thank you for the lead gentlemen. I have spoken with Roger and it is moving forward."

A restaurant VAR in Georgia responded, "Thanks for the solid lead. I spoke to the lady yesterday. They are opening in September."

A VAR in New Jersey responded, “I am still working on the last lead you sent me from Howell. That should close this month. They are still not operational and are awaiting some clearances."

A VAR in Florida commented, "Good lead. I am sending him a quote for a 4 station system. I spoke to him and had a good conversation. I will let you know how we make out."

A VAR in Illinois said, "I was able to speak with the owner and I have a phone appointment with him tomorrow at noon. So far he was able to communicate that he wants two stations, two receipt printers and one remote kitchen printer. Tomorrow we will discuss his software needs."

A VAR in Florida says, "Thank you! I met with the owners Monday and have set an appointment for a demo next week. By the way, the lead you sent while we were in Cest La Vie, Texas is sold and installed. Thank you for helping us to find new customers."

A VAR in California said, “Joe will visit with us on Saturday! Thanks for the lead."

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