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TabletKiosk Announces End of Life for Sahara Slate PC i400 Series

Torrance, CA - March, 2011 – TabletKiosk, a leading provider of enterprise-class mobile touch screen computing solutions, announces the end of sale (EOS) end of life (EOL) of the Sahara Slate PC i400 slate-style Tablet PCs. On tabletkioskMay 31, 2011, TabletKiosk will discontinue order availability for the following systems:

  • Sahara Slate PC i412T, i440T, i440D Tablet PCs
  • All Sahara Slate PC SG22 Tablet PCs
  • All OEM and Private Label SG22 Tablet PCs

Sahara Slate PC® i400As of June 1, 2011, there will be no further orders accepted for the above listed systems, unless otherwise specified under separate customer agreement. Software updates, technical support and hardware repairs will continue without interruption until May 31, 2014. Order availability of the Sahara NetSlate SG22 (a230T) is not affected by this EOL announcement.

Customers are encouraged to migrate to one of TabletKiosk's newer generation of Sahara Slate PCs including the Sahara Slate PC i500 series Tablet PCs, and Sahara Slate PC TS5XX which all provide increased performance and longer battery life. Additionally, all of these systems run Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft's most modern operating system that features enhanced touch and digital inking support. For more information regarding these systems, please contact your M-S Cash Drawer Account Representative and/or Authorized TabletKiosk Dealer.

About TabletKiosk
TabletKiosk is a registered trademark of TabletKiosk, LLC, a privately owned Limited Liability Company. The company produces enterprise-class and rugged-grade slate-style Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and mobile clinical assistants (MCA) marketed through an authorized reseller channel and directly through the company website.