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Tyco Electronics' Elo TouchSystems Adds Second Touch Technology to Interactive Digital Signage Portfolio

Tyco Electronics' Elo TouchSystemsFebruary, 2011 – Tyco Electronics recently announced the expansion of their Elo TouchSystems Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) product line with the addition of IntelliTouch and IntelliTouch Plus product technologies. The addition of new touch technologies will provide developers and customers more integrated, large format interactive display solutions. The IntelliTouch displays are available in 42" and 46" sizes while the IntelliTouch Plus multi-touch display is available in a 32" size.

Introduced in June 2010, the Elo TouchSystems IDS family of large-format, interactive touchcomputer displays are efficient, elegant and durable. The additional line of touch technologies will deliver more critical choices for large-format, interactive displays specifically designed and manufactured to support public use, an environment which tends to be very harsh on touch systems.

"Customers who need interactive signage can now select between different touch technologies and multi-touch performance to help increase their share of the expanding digital signage market," said Neeraj Pendse, business development manager. "Tyco Electronics' IntelliTouch products provide proven surface acoustic wave touch capability with over 20 years of reliable performance. Our multi-touch solution (IntelliTouch Plus product) is based on that stable technology and represents a significant competitive and economic advantage for customers who wish to incorporate multi-touch interactivity into their out-of-home digital signage solutions."

Integrated Interactive Digital Signage That Can Survive Public Use
The Elo TouchSystems IDS family now features three sizes of digital signage displays measuring 32, 42 and 46 inches in both bezel and zero-bezel designs. The portfolio features panel technologies that are scratch resilient protected by a durable steel chassis made from industrial grade components for a long-life of reliable performance. These integrated solutions are meant to withstand constant interactivity in high-traffic, public access venues.

Optional high-performance integrated computer modules were introduced last year and are compatible with the new IntelliTouch displays. The modules are well suited for running interactive media and are available with a choice of two performance levels. The computer modules are easily installed in field, they slide into a dedicated bay behind the touch display and are locked into place with two thumb screws. IntelliTouch Plus product touch technology allows developers and customers to take advantage of the latest Microsoft platform features and incorporate multi-touch functionality. IntelliTouch Plus product technology overcomes many typical drawbacks of other multi-touch technologies by leveraging three axes of touch information to deliver sensitive, accurate and drift-free recordings of two simultaneous touch locations anywhere on the screen regardless of position.

In additional to the 3200L 32-inch touchcomputer, IntelliTouch Plus product is also available as the 2242L 22-inch open-frame touchmonitor. IntelliTouch Plus product technology is based upon Tyco Electronics' IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave product technology, which utilizes pure glass construction to deliver stable, precise and vivid imagery via high light transmission and is unaffected by ambient changes. Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) Touchscreens offer a unique method for sensing touch on a display based on the physical principle of recording the unique characteristics of a sound generated by a touch on a surface and comparing it to pre-measured values. APR technology combines the ultimate in optical qualities, durability, and stability, with excellent dragging properties.

About Elo TouchSystems
Tyco Electronics' Elo TouchSystems business is a leading brand in touch technology. The Elo TouchSystems portfolio encompasses the largest selection of touchscreen technologies, touchmonitors, and all-in-one touchcomputers for the demanding requirements of diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, transportation, office automation and gaming. Elo founders invented the touchscreen over 35 years ago. Since then, Elo Touchscreens have delivered one common, powerful result - advanced computer technology simplified for all users.