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NCC Partners with Verifone to Increase Payment Security & Flexibility

San Jose, Calif. —May 6, 2015—NCC, a leading developer of retail and hospitality software, has announced a certification with Verifone—the most trusted name Star Micronicsin payment terminals— to bring security and flexibility to payment processing.  NCC has chosen to use Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA) to support a one-to-many interface that NCC can use to develop solutions that will allow resellers and merchants to process secure payments across multiple processors.

Verifone’s SCA enhances payment data security through end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and tokenization, and by decoupling payment data from the merchant’s integrated point of sale (POS)—the most common point of entry used by cybercriminals to access consumer payment data. SCA connects the payment terminal directly to the processor’s host database. By transmitting payment data directly from the terminal to the processor—and preventing the data from entering the integrated POS—SCA eliminates the potential for the data to be stolen on a large-scale.

EMV migration in the U.S. will lead to a costly and cumbersome certification process.  Historical payment architecture requires certification of each combination of POS system, payment terminal, gateway and acquirer—a costly process for merchants in terms of time and resources. Decoupling the POS from the flow of payment data also removes the POS system from the scope of EMV certification, greatly reducing EMV certification burdens for merchants.

SCA simplifies payments by supporting deployment, management and performance optimization of countertop and portable payment devices as well as rapid compliance updates and adoption of value-added services. All terminals supported by SCA accept all forms of payment, such as NFC (including Apple Pay and Google Wallet), EMV, mobile wallets and traditional mag-stripe cards. Additionally, SCA will give NCC resellers and merchants flexibility based on unique needs in regards to graphical displays, advertising, promotions, etc. NCC’s products are Verifone certified and ready for sale.

“Since Verifone is the leader in the payments device space, we feel that working directly with them will give us the most robust, secure platform while also giving us access to the broadest range of payment processors for EMV,” said Chuck Prince, Vice President of Operations at NCC.

SCA provides the architecture through which merchants can engage consumers with targeted advertising, digital loyalty, coupons and product offers at the POS through Verifone’s Commerce Enablement offerings.  Verifone’s goal is to enhance merchants’ ability to create more value for their customers, and SCA provides the foundation for Verifone’s Commerce Enablement offerings, allowing merchants to easily customize and personalize their sales environment and provide consumers with value at the POS.

“Merchants are looking to their vendor and reseller partners to help them navigate today’s remarkably complex payment environment,” said Robert McMillon, vice president of Product Security for Verifone.  “Our Secure Commerce Architecture will enable NCC and its resellers to help merchants overcome a host of challenges, namely payment data protection and EMV certification, while also providing the architecture they can use to encourage loyalty and provide special offers to consumers at the point of sale.”

About Verifone

Verifone is transforming everyday transactions into opportunities for connected commerce.  We’re connecting more than 27 million payment devices to the cloud—merging the online and in-store shopping experience and creating the next generation of digital engagement between merchants and consumers.  We are built on a 30-year history of uncompromised security.  Our people are known as trusted experts that work with our clients and partners, helping to solve their most complex payments challenges.  We have clients and partners in more than 150 countries, including the world’s best-known retail brands, financial institutions and payment providers. | @verifone

About NCC

Since 1986, NCC has been delivering comprehensive software solutions to businesses in the hospitality and retail industries. Our software engineers combine years of experience in software development with a strong understanding of restaurant and retail operations to create products designed to work in a wide variety of environments.  Through a world-wide network of reseller partners, NCC has installed over 30,000 POS systems in more than 35 countries.  For more information, visit | @NCCPOS


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