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New TSC Corporate Vice President Sees Busy Year Ahead in 2011

TSCJanuary, 2011 – Sam Wang, TSC’s new corporate vice president in charge of worldwide marketing and sales and research and development, offers his insights into the state of the company, its core strengths, and its projected growth over the next few years.

Sam Wang of TSCQ: What are the current worldwide revenues of TSC Auto ID Technology?

Wang: Through the third quarter of 2010, TSC Auto ID achieved worldwide sales of $36 million (USD).

Q: Did the company grow in 2010? If so, by how much?

Wang: TSC grew significantly in 2010 – by almost 50 percent. The growth was evenly distributed across markets in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Q: What is the current market share of TSC?

Wang: Based on VDC Research’s 2010 Auto ID Industry market report, TSC had a three percent share of the thermal barcode printer market in 2010.

Q: What new products were released in 2010?

Wang: In 2010, we made a strong effort to strengthen our leading desktop line. First, we upgraded our thermal transfer TTP-245 Plus model to the TTP-247, which is now the industry-leading printer in its class, with 7-inches-per-second performance. Next, we released the TTP-225, which is our first series of 2-inch-wide thermal transfer desktop printers. This product costs about 15 percent less than comparable printers and comes with numerous standard and optional features, including an optional LCD display, a feature not offered by other printers. Lastly, we introduced the TDP-244, which is a direct thermal printer targeted at the Asian markets.

Q: What new products do you have planned for 2011?

Wang: We intend to be very busy in 2011, with an ambitious development and launch cycle. We have already started with the launch of our 2-inch-wide thermal transfer TTP-225 desktop series. We will quickly follow up with the TTP-268M and TTP-366M series of 6-inch-wide industrial printers. Our goal is to deliver beta test units to our partners for testing in January and February. Beyond the launch of the 6-inch-format printers, we have plans to further expand our desktop, industrial and portable lines in 2011. It is going to be a busy year.

Q: What are the current strengths of TSC? What sets the company apart from other companies in the auto-ID marketplace?

Wang: TSC is a completely integrated company, with all R&D and manufacturing maintained in-house. This provides us with the flexibility to rapidly respond to a wide array of unique customer needs. By retaining R&D as a core competency, we have ensured that we will continue to develop competitive, high-quality products.

In terms of customer support, TSC is fully committed to serve each market we enter. We recognize how critical it is for our end users and resellers to have long-term, dependable support. In the U.S., we have maintained a local technical support and sales staff for more than 10 years, and we will continue to invest in our team.

Q: In terms of price-performance, how do the company’s products compare to those of your major competitors? What advantages do you offer?

Wang: We can confidently say that our products offer the highest margins and best price-performance value in the business. Additionally, TSC offers an industry-best two-year warranty, and across-the-board compatibility with the most popular programming languages.

Q: What is your vision for TSC? Where do you see the company in five years in terms of sales? Product offerings? Position in the marketplace?

Wang: It is our goal to become a top-five thermal printer manufacturer within the next five years. TSC is sharply focused on becoming a global leader in thermal barcode printing, and we are dedicating the necessary resources to get there. We have plans to develop comprehensive product lines that will address a wide range of desktop, industrial and portable applications – everything from entry level to high end.

In terms of marketing, we plan to elevate TSC’s brand awareness, emphasizing the price-performance competitiveness of our products through targeted messages that reach all of our key audiences. In particular, we want our valued resellers to recognize that TSC is a company with the creativity and resourcefulness to deliver the custom-tailored auto-ID solutions that will drive their success and profitability. We also want to ensure that end users are comfortable purchasing the TSC brand, secure in the knowledge that it represents the quality and reliability that will meet their demanding label printing needs.

Q: How many employees currently work for TSC? Is that number expected to rise over the next several years?

Wang: Currently, there are 270 total employees working at our headquarters, three wholly owned subsidiaries, and two manufacturing facilities. We expect this number to rise across the board with our growth – in our R&D staff as we continue our efforts develop and launch an even more complete product line, in our subsidiaries as we strengthen our sales channel and local support, and in our manufacturing team as our production volume continues to increase.

Q: Why did TSC adopt the positioning statement “The Smarter Choice”? What is implied by the branding statement? What message are you trying to get across?

Wang: “The Smarter Choice” is backed by all of the strengths that we have highlighted above – the best price-performance value, flexibility in supporting a variety of customer needs, and across-the-board compatibility with the most popular programming languages. What drives these strengths is TSC’s culture of teamwork, creativity and resourcefulness. We challenge our global team to work very hard with our partners to understand their special requirements as a key first step towards developing an auto-ID solution custom-tailored to meet those needs. I believe that the strong growth TSC has seen is a testament to this customer-oriented culture, and this will continue to be our foundation going forward.

About TSC
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