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Quality and Durability Proven in Division of Prison

Pioneer POSOctober 2011 – The North Carolina Department of Correction's Division of Prison's (D.O.P.) has used Pioneer POS products since 2005. Over the past 7 years (and counting!) the North Carolina Division of Prisons has been using the Pioneer POS StealthTouch All-in-one for prison management and custody control of their inmate population. The D.O.P. uses over 300 Pioneer POS terminals for their point of sales needs across 70 different prisons, and 350 commissary stores in the state of North Carolina.

Scott Pierce, who is the head of Prison Administration, and the D.O.P. developed a new web based POS sales and inventory application which was needed to replace the aging IBM POS equipment. The Pioneer interface acts as a sales register for a non-cash commissary system, utilizing the inmate customer's ID card for account look up with attached product scanning technology tracking commissary sales transactions.

The Pioneer POS 12" StealthTouch-PXi All-in-one Touchcomputer with an attached magnetic card reader (MSR) has proven to be quite durable and dependable in these rather hostile prison environments. Not all the prison commissary locations are in a temperature or stable dust free environment, and many stores open to the prison yard for sales. Sales and profitability improved with the ease of use provided by the touchscreen interface and the ability of the POS to accept peripheral devices for UPC scanning and 2 track MSR card scanning and thermal receipt printing. Ease of use in the retail application provided by the touchscreen interface and the durability of the Pioneer POS terminals in the harsh prison computer environments has been exactly what the D.O.P. was looking for.

Scott said that, "Due to State budget issues, which many States are facing, we have kept our current model POS in the field longer than we had anticipated. Pioneer POS has continued to supply us with replacement and repair parts so that we have been able to keep these aging POS's operational". Along with their wide availability of replacement parts, Pioneer POS was also able to customize modifications to their terminals to allow use of a security screw. This helped to secure the terminal from being opened or removed by operators and for ease of use and product durability.

"In the prison environment ROI is measured in the durability of the equipment and the efficiency of the sales transaction processes. Both of which proved to be beyond my expectations". Scott also mentioned that, "As all maintenance and repairs falls on my department I can say I have been very pleased with the performance, durability and 'repair-ability' of the Pioneer POS solution". The Pioneer POS hardware provided the interface the D.O.P. needed between their merchandising, accounting and inventory systems as well as the customer service team needed to able to provide the D.O.P. with parts to for their terminals for repair.

Across 70 prisons, the installation only took about 18 months as prisons were phased in and old equipment was replaced. Training was completed over a three day install periods per facility, and each prison was able to go live on the second day of the 3 day installation along with continuous training.

Mr. Pierce ended saying "Pioneer POS was an improvement in efficiency and exceeded my expectations. They have been excellent to work with over the years and have always provided fast responses to our support questions and needs. We are planning on replacing our current POS models with the new Pioneer POS 15" StealthTouch-M5 All-in-one Touchcomputer as funds become available".

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About N.C. Division of Prisons

The North Carolina Department of Corrections is responsible for the housing, treatment and wellbeing of those convicted by the courts of North Carolina and sentenced to serve active time in prison. The mission of the North Carolina Department of Correction is to promote public safety by the administration of a fair and humane system which provides reasonable opportunities for adjudicated offenders to develop progressively responsible behavior.

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