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Smart Cord and POS Guardian Now Available with Added Protection

SmartPower Systems

Smart Power Systems Releases First GFCI Compatible Power Protection Device

May 9, 2011 - Houston, TX – Smart Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of power quality solutions for the point of sale market, announced today that the Smart Cord and POS Guardian product lines are now compatible to work with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) switches. Designed for POS applications where space is at a premium, the Smart Cord and POS Guardian deliver high performance in an ergonomic footprint.

"At Smart Power Systems, we continually develop new and innovative enhancements to our comprehensive line of power protection equipment," stated Bahram Mechanic, Founder and CEO of Smart Power Systems. "Making the Smart Cord and POS Guardian GFCI compatible reinforces our commitment to delivering state-of–the art power quality solutions. This addition represents the latest evolution in our product line."

Power protection devices with GFCI compatibility are specifically designed for environments where electrical products are used in damp or wet environments. Our GFCI compatible power protection equipment is ideal for a variety of point of sale applications in environments like convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants or any business environment that that has a wet or damp environment like a pool bar or kitchen. To learn more about our GFCI compatible power protection equipment, visit

WARNING - Not all power protection equipment in the market is GFCI compatible. Isolation transformers, or line conditioners, can disable a GFCI circuit thus creating a dangerous work environment that makes employees susceptible to shock or electrocution.

About SmartPower Systems

Since 1984, Smart Power Systems has manufactured and developed power quality solutions including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), computer grade filters, line conditioners, and automatic voltage regulators for the point of sale (pos), copier, IT/networking, telecommunications, security, and office automation markets. Smart Power Systems was founded by President and CEO Bahram Mechanic, who developed Smart Power Systems' patented TBF (Transformer-Based Filter) technology, as well as dozens of improvements to the field of power protection and conditioning.