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Star MicronicsAugust, 2010 – To be in the club you have to be on the List!

Become a Star VIPStar Micronics would like to invite you to join the Star VIP Club. As a VIP, you are entitled to special promotions each month just for members!

If you want to be in the club, you have to be on the list! Getting in is easy, simply email for more information and say “Put me on the list!” to be enrolled immediately. Best of all, joining the club is free! Sign up today.

About Star Micronics America
Star Micronics America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Star Micronics Company Ltd., the second-largest small printer manufacturer world-wide. Star Micronics also manufactures audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts. Star Micronics Company Ltd. is ranked as one of the Top 50 "Most Stable" Japanese companies on the Japanese Nikkei. For more information, contact us.