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Star Micronics Offers Printer Price Break

PioneerPOS Stealth M-5

Enhanced Point-of-Sale Printer Available at Same Cost as Standard Model

June 15, 2010 – Furthering its commitment to serving the needs of its channel partners and their end-user customers, Star Micronics America today announced that through December 31 of this year, its TSP100ECO point-of-sale printer will be available with a four-year EXTEND-A-STAR warranty in lieu of a three-year limited warranty, at the same affordable price as the standard TSP100U. This offer also includes one free year of the company’s SWAP-A-STAR program.

“The reliability of the TSP100 has been remarkable, and the entire company strongly believes in and supports this new product,” said Michael Hanson, vice president of Star Micronics America.
“Star Micronics has been committed to environmental sustainability for the past 10 years, and our release of the TSP100ECO enables us to assist our VAR partners and retailers in being environmentally conscious. Although the choice of printer rests on customers’ shoulders, as a company it is our obligation to provide a unit with the smallest possible carbon footprint.”

In addition to supporting Star Micronics’ pledge of environmental responsibility, the TSP100ECO, which is part of its futurePRNT line, allows the company to supply a high-speed, software-enriched, economical printing solution. The printer brings an array of environmental benefits, including a 75% decrease in power consumption compared to the standard TSP100 Star Micronics printer, up to a 70% reduction in paper consumption, new halogen-free printer housing, and a five-year, prepaid manufacturer’s carbon offset program. It boasts a print rate of 28RPM (receipts per second) and comes bundled with all TSP100 futurePRNT™ “Value-Added” Marketing & Set-up Software, including pre-installation, receipt redesign, print preview, coupon marketing, text trigger, journal/multi-copy, and Auto-Text Reversal™.

Star Micronics offers its customers two enhanced service agreements when purchasing a Star printer. EXTEND-A-STAR, further extends Star’s robust standard warranty and SWAP-A-STAR, which replaces a malfunctioning printer by the next business day.

About Star Micronics America
Star Micronics America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Star Micronics Company Ltd., the second-largest small printer manufacturer world-wide. Star Micronics also manufactures audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts. Star Micronics Company Ltd. is ranked as one of the Top 50 "Most Stable" Japanese companies on the Japanese Nikkei. For more information, contact us.