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Through M-S Cash Drawer

Pasadena, CA – February 3, 2009 – M-S Cash Drawer, a leading value-added distributor of POS systems and peripherals, today announced that it will be offering three new models of Star Micronics' HSP7000 series of Multifunction (Hybrid) printers. The new product models in the HSP7000 series - HSP7743, HSP7643, HSP7543 - are perfect multifunction receipt printing solutions featuring the speed, reliability, and affordability associated with the Star Micronics name.

The HSP7000 series combines key features from Star’s celebrated range of products, including the market leading TSP700 Series, the super fast TSP100GT, as well as components from the high speed SP700 dot matrix printer. Over 30 years of Star “know-how” in POS were used in the making of the HSP7000 series, resulting in customers getting the fastest, most reliable and most accurate product.

For more information on the new models of the HSP7000 series of Multifunction (Hybrid) printers and other products by Star Micronics, please visit the Star Micronics vendor page, or contact M-S Cash Drawer at or 1-800-544-1749.

Star Micronics HSP7743 Multifunction (Hybrid) Printer