Product Configuration Testimonials

Benefits of the program: M-S Cash Drawer provides a variety of product configuration services to meet the needs of our channel partners. Our product configuration services allow resellers to take advantage of our knowledgeable staff without big volume purchasing commitments that are typically required. Below is an outline of the product configuration services that M-S Cash Drawer offers to channel partners. If you do not see a specific service that your customer needs, please feel free contact your M-S Cash Drawer sales rep.


M-S Cash Drawer helped a health care VAR beat a non value added reseller by setting the black mark sensors on prescription printers before shipping.

M-S Cash Drawer loads Chinese fonts on the printers for a small software developer allowing them to sell nationwide.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a reseller switch a major US Government agency to Star printers by providing Epson emulation Star printers.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a software developer meet a 1,000 location plus chain's needs for a longer cash drawer cable without any forecasts and/or volume commitments.

M-S Cash Drawer has allowed a pet store software company to ship pre-configured printers with software installation CDs, custom documentation etc. directly to their clients.

M-S Cash Drawer helped a reseller win chain store check cashing client who wanted their own locks installed in the cash drawer before shipping.

M-S Cash Drawer is helping a software company service their nationwide clients by managing their spare pool.


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