Office-TBF Series Electronic Power Conditioner

Office-TBF Series Electronic Power Conditioner

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The First UPS System with Transformer Based Filter (TBF), an Electronic Power Conditioner. Eliminates Line Noise in Addition to Surge Protection and Battery Back-up. The Ideal Power Protection Solution for Home/Office Systems.
  • Electronic Power Conditioner (TBF)

  • "SMART GROUND" Technology (Patent Pending).

  • Controls Ground Noise to Protect Network Systems and Eliminates Ground Loop Current

  • Automatic Save and Shutdown Software for Unattended Computers

  • USB Communication Port (USB Models)

  • Industry's First 4 Year Pro-Rated Battery Warranty
Output Capacity VA/W

OF400-TBF: 400/200
OF600-TBF, OF600USB-TBF: 600/300

Output Voltage 120V
Input Voltage 120VAC - 20% +15%
TRANSIENT LET THROUGH VOLTAGE <0.5V Common Mode (N-G) / <10V Normal Mode (L-N)
Back-up Time (Minutes) Half Load. OF400-TBF: 10
OF600-TBF, OF600USB-TBF: 7
Net Weight (Lbs./Kg.) OF400-TBF: 7.6/3.44
OF600-TBF, OF600USB-TBF: 8.3/3.7
Shipping Weight (Lbs./Kg.) OF400-TBF: 8.92/4.04
OF600-TBF, OF600USB-TBF: 9.6/4.3
Dimensions DxWxH (In.) 11.7 x 5.1 x 3.3 / 297 x 130 x 83.5
Receptacles 3-NEMA 5-15R (BATTERY) + 3 NEMA 5-15R (DOUBLE FILTERED)
Data Protection

OF400-TBF: RJ11
OF600-TBF: RJ11
OF600USB-TBF: RJ11/24