i3070 Pin Pad

i3070 Pin Pad

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The Ingenico 3070 is a PCI PED approved, multi function, programmable PIN Pad with smart card and magnetic card readers. With a RS232/USB port configuration the Ingenico 3070 is ideal for use in multilane retail and single point-of-sale environments.

  • Security - Built around Ingenico’s industry-proven High Security Core (HSC) to assure protection of customer data and application management, the i3070 delivers the ultimate in secure transactions. Fully EMV and PCI PED approved, and supporting the latest international security algorithms (DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session), the i3070 features an optional privacy shield for additional peace of mind.

  • Performance - Thanks to Ingenico’s UNICAPT™ 32-bit architecture and its EMV level 2 kernel, the i3070 delivers the super-fast processing of powerful cryptographic algorithms to make fast-paced transactions a reality. Easily integrated into the POS platform, the i3070 steps up the security of your payment system by providing additional confidentiality at the PIN-entry stage.

  • Communication - The i3070 offers serial, USB and Ethernet connectivity to enable fast and easy integration with your POS architecture. Connect to a cash register, payment terminal or PC to maximize your preferred payment choices.

  • Software development - Compatible with all previous Ingenico applications, the i3070 supports today’s applications with ease, as well as tomorrow’s next-generation services.

  • Field Services - To reduce total cost of ownership and enable merchants to maximize their terminal investments, Ingenico provides a comprehensive terminal and software update and management services – both remotely and in the field.

Processor ARM 7 l l
Memory RAM/Flash 2/8 MB 2/8 MB
Display Yellow/Green, 11

Number of keys: 15 15
Number navigation keys: 3.3

Connections RS 23211


Size (Without PIN shield) L 170 x W 80 x H 40 L 170 x W 80 x H 40
Weight (in gr)


Environment Operating temperature +5°C to +40°C +5°C to +40°C
Operating humidity NC 15% to 90% 15% to 90%