Gryphon Mobile Linear Imager

Gryphon Mobile Linear Imager

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With rich feature sets and extensive model options, the Gryphon product series from Datalogic Scanning represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications. Extremely versatile and durable the Gryphon Mobile cordless linear imaging readers are the ultimate solution for applications in retail and light industrial environments where mobility is necessary for improved productivity.

Mobile communications eliminate the restraints caused by cabled devices, providing a safer and more efficient environment for employees. Narrow band radio communications with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™ is the key to increased productivity and flexibility in the workplace. It offers scalable solutions from simple point-to-point applications to networking capabilities combined with seamless roaming for complex installations.
  • Fast reading performance up to 270 scans/second

  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback

  • 100% Compatible with Datalogic’s STAR Cordless System™

  • Radio Range (open air) up to 30.0 m / 98.4 ft for 433 MHz, up to 15.0 m / 49.2 ft for 910 MHz

  • Point-to-point and multi-point transmission

  • Multiple interface (RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, Wand and USB)

  • Supports GS1 DataBar™ linear codes with additional support for stacked
  • codes like PDF417, MicroPDF and GS1 DataBar plus UPC/EAN composites on select models
  • Water and Particulate Sealing Rating: IP30

  • Drop resistance to 1.8 m / 5.9 ft

  • Cordless Communications - Datalogic STAR Cordless System™
    Effective Radiated Power 433.92 MHz < 10 mW
    910 MHz < 1 mW
    Multi-Point Configuration Max. Readers in Same Area: 2048
    Max. Readers per Radio Receiver: 16
    Radio Range (Open Air)

    433.92 MHz 30.0 m / 98.4 ft
    910 MHz 15.0 m / 49.2 ft

    Radio Frequency

    433.92 MHz
    910 MHz

    Decoding Capability
    1D / Linear Codes

    Autodiscriminates all standard 1D codes including GS1 DataBar™ linear codes

    Stacked Codes

    Code 16K: M2XX
    Code 49: M2XX
    EAN/JAN Composites
    GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked
    GS1 DataBar Stacked
    GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional
    MicroPDF417: M2XX
    PDF417: M2XX
    UPC A/E Composites: M2XX

    Power Supply 9 to 28 VDC
    Battery Type 2 AA NiMh batteries
    Recharge Time 3 hours max.
    Operating Autonomy 40,000 reads - NiMh
    Recharge Time 3 hours max.
    Power Consumption

    8W max. (charging)

    Drop Resistance IEC68-2-32 TEST ED, withstands repeated drops from 5.9'' / 1.8 m onto a concrete surface
    Operating Temperature Scanner: 32 to 104° F / 0 to 40 °C
    Cradle OM Gryphon™: 32° to 104 °F / 0° to +40 °C
    Storage Temperature Scanner: -4 to 158° F/ -20 to 70 °C (without batteries)
    Cradle OM Gryphon™: - 4° to 158 °F / -20° to +70 °C
    Ambient Light Conditions Up to 9290 foot candles / 100.000 lux
    Humidity (Non-Condensing)


    Environmental Protection


    Case Material Scanner: ABS and Polycarbonate, plus co-moulded rubber
    Cradle OM Gryphon™: ABS
    Weight Scanner: .62 lbs. / 280 g (with batteries)
    Cradle OM Gryphon™: .55 lbs / 250 g

    Cradle OM Gryphon™: 8.2" x 4.2" x 2.2" / 208 x 107 x 55.5 mm

    Sensor CCD solid state (3648 pixels)
    Max. Scan Rate 270 scans/sec
    Max. Resolution

    0.076 mm (3 mils)

    Print Contrast Ratio (min.) pcs=15%