LM Cable Eliminator

LM Cable Eliminator

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Wireless Made Easy and Seamless with the LM048SPA2 Cable Eliminator

Install POS, Kitchen, Bar and Requisition Printers in Minutes!

Eliminate cables and the labor cost to install them. Use the LM048 Adapter anywhere you would ordinarily run a serial (RS-232C) cable. In many applications equipment is located in environments that would normally require a cable run under a floor, or through a ceiling. The expense of an electrician or qualified cable installer may be significantly more than the cost of this simple, reliable wireless device.

  • Run Remote Printers and Other RS-232C Devices Without Wiring

  • Compact, Affordable, and Easy-to-Install

  • Uses Reliable Bluetooth Wireless Technology

  • Range of up to 328 Feet (100m) Without Obstructions

  • The Only Wireless Adapter That Supports “Out of Paper / Cover Open” Printer Status to the ECR

  • The Smallest RS-232C Bluetooth Adapter Available

  • Easy to Setup and Configure With Included Software