Value Line Series Magnetic Stripe Readers

Value Line Series Magnetic Stripe Readers

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The Value Line series of Magnetic Stripe readers, reads up to 3 tracks of information when the card is swiped in either direction. Its size is small enough to fit into most tight spaces yet not so small to impact card readability. The unit is available in PS/2 style interface or ID Innovations
MultiMode USB interface. With MultMode USB interface one USB reader handles multiple USB modes, no need to have a separate unit for RS232, Keyboard, and HID interfaces. The configurable options and versatile interfaces make the Value Line Series of Magnetic Stripe readers ideal for POS, Banking, Loyalty, Access Control, Student ID and other applications.
  • Reads up to three tracks of data

  • Reads High and Low coercivity magnetic stripe cards

  • Available in Black or White (Beige)

  • 1,000,000 Card swipe long life read head

  • Warranty period of 2 years, we stand behind our products

  • Provides data formatting and validation for up to three different card formats at a time

  • PC software for ease of programming and configuration storage

  • Compact 100mm size ensures easy and accurate card swiping

  • Interfaces for PS/2, USB-HID, USB-KBD, USB-RS232

  • Read encoded cards that meet ISO/ANSI/AAMVA and CADMV standards and formats

  • Perfect for POS, Banking, Loyalty, Access Control and other applications

  • Multi-Color LED & Loud buzzer provide visual and auditory feedback
Power 5 VDC 10%, Separate ground for power and Magnetic Read Head, ensures reliability in high
static environments
Reliability Brown Out, Low Voltage and Watch Dog Resets ensure continuous operation in less than ideal
Operating Current 32 mA-Standby, 45 mA-Operating
Magnetic Stripe
Maximum Tracks 3
Number of Heads 1 (Standard), 2 (Dual head units available)
Magnetic Head Life 1,000,000 passes minimum
Rail and Cover Life 1,000,000 passes minimum
Swipe Speed 2 to 100 Inches/s (5 to 254 cm/s), bi-directional
Card Slot Width .065 (1.65 mm) inches, accommodates card thickness ranging from .015 to .060 inches ( .38
mm to 1.52 mm)
Conformance ISO 7811, AAMVA and CADMV, others available upon request
Indicators Tri-colored LED, Extra loud buzzer (for noisier environments)
Dimensions 1.67 (42.4 mm) W x 1.08 (27.4 mm) H x 3.98 (101.17 mm) L
Weight 4.4 oz (with cable)
Cable Length 6 Y Cable for PS2 and 6 USB Cable for MultiMode USB (custom cable lengths and bottom
cable exit options available, no minimum quantities required)
Connectors PS2-Y (Keyboard 6 pin mini-DIN), PS2 Straight (with Y adaptor), USB, USB Right and Left
angles, Flexible USB (any angle any position)
Mounting Options Use provided Velcro pads, or can be mounted with 4-40 screws available upon request