EP-125KL66 Cash Drawer

EP-125KL66 Cash Drawer

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Extra large cash drawer with 6 Coin/ 6 Bill adjustable money tray

  • Extra wide cash drawer with 6-coin/6-bill insert

  • All Steel Construction with stainless steel front

  • Black, or off-white powder coated finish

  • Manual release key lock at right front

  • Manual release key-lock at right front

  • Off white or black powder coated finish

  • Stainless steel money clips

  • Bell & Hammer

Dimensions 22.5" W X 19.7" L X 4.59" H
*4.18"(H) without rubber feet
Ship Weight Approx. 34lbs
Drawer Release Solenoid 12v or 24v
Warranty 2 years
Available: Wired for any receipt printer, ERC/POS system, or computer interface