MG-S322 Scale

MG-S322 Scale

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mG-S322 Description

The NTEP certified mG-S322 is the perfect addition to the pharmaceutical or cannabis market. With the ability to measure substances from 0.01 g to 320 g, this scale is highly accurate and certified in states that have legalized the sale of cannabis. The reliability of the scale continues with the addition of a water and dust-proof cover. Additionally, the mG-S322 comes with a windshield cover to ensure the most accurate measurements of the product being weighed.

mG-S322 offers software support for Windows, iOS, and Android, making the process of adding the scale to an existing system a simple process. In addition, the mG-S322 has the ability to connect through three different types of interfaces including Bluetooth BLE, USB, and Serial. However, if desired, the scale can be powered either by a battery or through an outlet to allow for portable use.

  • Legal for Trade, NTEP certified

  • Multiple Interfaces (Bluetooth, Serial, USB)

  • Wired & Battery operated Power Supply

  • Class II Accuracy for Cannabis industry

  • Software supported Windows, Android, iOS


NTEP Certification  Legal for Trade
Cannabis Certified  Certified for all Legalized States
Max Capacity 320g
Readability 0.01g
Connectivity Bluetooth v4.0, USB, Serial