Magellan 1400i Imaging Scanner

Magellan 1400i Imaging Scanner

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The Magellan 1400i omni-directional imaging scanner represents the newest breakthrough in data capture technology from Datalogic Scanning. The Magellan 1400i is the world's first imaging-based presentation scanner with PDF decoding it is designed for convenience stores, drug stores, specialty stores and other medium volume checkout environments. It has a solid-state construction with no moving parts, which increases reliability, while its small footprint frees up valuable counter selling space. The Magellan 1400i omni-directional imaging scanner has been optimized to scan both UPC/EAN labeled items and ID cards with PDF-417 bar codes for easy age or ID verification at the point-of-sale and it also has a targeted scanning mode for reading close-proximity bar codes. The Magellan 1400i comes with a standard two year factory warranty.
  • Aggressive imaging performance and intuitive operation reduces checker training and speeds checkout for better customer service

  • Autodiscriminates PDF and 1D bar codes

  • New imaging technology eliminates moving parts associated with laser scanners for improved reliability

  • Targeted scanning mode for PLU Lists

  • Hands-free scanning for small, easily handled items, handheld scanning for bulkier items

  • Precise imaging scan volume eliminates misreads caused by stray laser scan lines

  • Small footprint and size allow for easy integration into point-of-sale

  • Textured rubber grip area and small size allow hands of all sizes to comfortably hold the scanner when needed

  • Checkpoint® Systems EAS compatible

  • Tilting stand allows scan volume to be optimized for each user and has screw holes for fixed mounting

  • Standard product is available in either Black or Light Grey.

Decoding Capability
Retail Codes UPC Versions A&E
UPC Supplementals (Bookland & Coupon Code)
UPC Add-ons (sub 2 or P2, sub 5 or P5 & C128)
Dual Bar Codes for Japan (2 label read)
Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) RSS-14, RSS expanded,
and RSS Stacked Omni-directional)
EAN 8 & 13 with full expansion 8 to 13
JAN 8 & 13 with full expansion 8 to 13
EAN/JAN two label
Italian Pharmacode
Supports GTIN
Industrial Codes

Code 39 (with full ASCII)
Code 128 (Up to 80 characters, including Code 39 conversions)
Code 93
Interleaved 2 of 5
Standard 2 of 5

Operating Voltages

5.0V model ± 5%
8.0-14.0V model

Operating Current Operating Current (idle): ‹ 350mA
Operating Current (Label Read): ‹ 450mA

Humidity (Non-Condensing)

5 to 95% NC

Shock Multiple 4' / 1.2 m drops
Water and Dust Resistance IP52

Operating: 32° to 104° F / 0° to 40° C
Storage/transport: -40° to 158° F / -40° to 70° C

Scanner with Stand

Height: 7.13" / 18.1 cm
Width: 3.23" / 8.2 cm
Length: 3.82" / 9.7 cm
Weight: 15.7 oz / 345.4 g

Scan Pattern 100 line
Scan Rate 1,100 digital scan lines/second
Single Line Activation

Via Button

Scan Volume 80 in3 / 1311 cm3
Minimum Resolution 5 mil
Print Contrast 25%
Roll 0-360°
Pitch ±65°
Yaw ±75°
Ambient Light Indoor: ‹ 6,000 Lux / 557 foot candles
Outdoor: ‹ 86,100 Lux / 7,999 foot candles