Podium KIOSK

Podium KIOSK

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The Podium Kiosk, a Cost Effective Way to Improve Operations and Reduce Labor Costs

The Podium Kiosk is Touch Dynamic’s answer to the industry’s need for a low cost, highly efficient kiosk solution. The Podium Kiosk offers endless possibilities as you can mount any Touch Dynamic All-In-One on the Universal Printer Base to the Kiosk base. This includes the 14.1,” 15,” 17”&18.5” LED LCDs that allow you to customize the look, speed and storage space of your Podium Kiosk.

  • Supports any Touch Dynamic All-In-One mounted on the Universal Printer Base

  • Two integrated printer options

  • Optional shelves on either side of Kiosk

  • Custom wraps with customer art/logos available

  • Locking back panel for storage and cable