Dolphin 7850 Mobile Computer

Dolphin 7850 Mobile Computer

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The Dolphin 7850 mobile computer is purpose-built for scan-intensive, in-premise retail and warehousing applications. Featuring user-focused ergonomics and rugged industrial-grade construction, the 7850 wireless computer is designed to increase productivity and maximize your return on investment.
  • Optimized Ergonomics: With an angled display, contoured handle and balanced weight distribution, this wireless handheld scanner is built from the ground up to serve in-premise, scan-intensive applications

  • Industrial-Grade Durability: Built to deliver years of reliable operation - IP64 rated and withstands repeated 5’ (1.2 m) drops to concrete

  • Shift-PLUS™Power Management: 10+ hours of extended battery life in continual RF and high-use environments allows full-shift usage

  • Versatile, High Performance Data Collection: Adaptus® Imaging 5.0 reads linear bar codes and 2D barcodes omni-directionally for ease of use in scan-intensive applications

  • Powerful Software Tools: Comprehensive suite of integrated tools and utilities providing simplified device configuration, application development and management
Basic Features
Form Factor Purpose-built, compact, handle-style mobile computer
Operating System Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
Development Environment Hand Held Products Dolphin SDK for Visual Studio 2005–supports C/C++, C# and Visual Basic development on Visual Studio 2005
Third Party Software SOTI MobiControl (remote device management), PowerNet™ Terminal Emulation (TNVT, 3270, 5250), and ITScriptNet™
CPU Intel PXA 270 520 MHz
Memory 64MB X 64MB & 128 MB RAM X 128 MB Flash memory options available
Display 3.5 in. 1/4 VGA 240 X 320 TFT color display with hard-coat industrial touch panel
Image/Scanner 5100SR/SF VGA Area Imagers with bright green LED aimer
5300SR/SF VGA Area Imagers with High-Vis aiming pattern
5300HD VGA Area Imagers with High-Vis aiming pattern
HP (High Performance) Laser scanner (future option)
LR (Long Range) Laser scanner (future option)
ALR (Advanced Long Range) Laser scanner (future option)
Keyboards 24-key calculator-style numeric with scrolling alpha
38-key calculator-style numeric with full alpha
Communications 100K duty-cycle plugable/dockable RS232/USB connector, IrDA, Audio beeper
Battery Main: Lithium-ion 7.4V, 14.1 Watt-hour, hot-swappable battery pack
Backup: Internal 3.6V nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery saves RAM data for 30-minutes during main battery change
Run Time (estimated) WLAN: 10+ hours at 1 scan/6 sec, 1 data package logged every scan, 802.11b/g continuous connection, & display backlight on full
Stand-by Time Device suspend mode: 8 days minimum
Charging 9.5V AC input through handle charge port or USB/Serial connector, four hours recharge
Charging Peripherals AC wall adapter, Charge/Communication Cable, single bay Home Base, 4 bay Charge Base, battery Quad Charger
Wireless Radios
WLAN (Standard) 802.11b/g, Wi-Fi Certified
WLAN Security WEP, WPA Personal/Enterprise, WPA2 Personal/Enterprise, EAP-TLS, TTLS, LEAP, PEAP, Cisco CCX compliant (pending)
WPAN (Optional)

Bluetooth class 2, version 1.2 (optional feature)

Co-Located/Operational Two radios: WLAN/WPAN
Temperature Operating Temperature: Standard configuration is 14°—122°F / -10°—50°C nominal; -4° (-20°C) with reduced runtime; Optional Bluetooth configuration is 32°—104°F / 0°—40°C
Dimensions Main housing: 7.1 in. Long X 3.3 in. Wide X 1.4 in. Deep (18 cm Long X 8.4 cm Wide X 3.6 cm Deep)
Handle: 4.6 in. Long X 1.6 in. Wide X 1 in. Deep (12 cm Long X 4.1 cm Wide x 2.5 cm Deep)

Approximately 22 oz/684g

Construction Magnesium alloy internal chassis with component shock mounts
Engineering-grade polycarbonate outer housing with integrated rubber over-molded handle
Structural 5 ft. (1.5m) multiple drops to concrete, all axis, across operating temperature range
Exceeds 2000 3 ft. (1m) tumbles