uSign™ 300, Color LCD Signature Capture Pad

uSign™ 300, Color LCD Signature Capture Pad

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uSign™ 300, Color LCD Signature Capture Pad

ID TECH's uSign 300 is an electronic signature capture device with a color LCD display. Electronic signature reduces transaction time, eliminates sorting and sending paper, provides convenient electronic storage and transmission, and gives legal accountability (non-repudiation) for POS transactions. The POS applications include retail, hospitality, self-service, and quick-service restaurants.

General Information:

- USB-HID or RS-232 interfaces
- 14.6 x 13 x 4cm (L x W x H)
- 200,000 Power on Hours
- RoHS compliant

  • Electronic signature capture with buffered signature capability

  • Replaceable tethered, passive-type stylus

  • Resistive touch pad

  • 3.5” QVGA Color LCD

  • Sampling rate up to 118 dots per second

  • Touch pad resolution 1024 dots per inch

  • Real time signature capture with 5:1 compression rate

  • Raw data output available

  • Firmware filters spikes and electronic noise

  • Real-time graphics display of signature during capture

  • Host control graphic and text display

  • Calibration mode and functions

  • Command and response driven operations through an API

  • Demo application runs in Windows environments