SmartPIN L100

SmartPIN L100

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Encrypted PIN Entry Device

The SmartPIN L100 is a PCI 4.x certified PIN Entry Device designed for outdoor unattended POS operations where encrypted PIN entry is required. The SmartPIN L100 supports TDES encryption algorithm using DUKPT and Master/Session key management. The SmartPIN L100 can be used in fuel dispensers, kiosks, vending machines, and other POS systems that accept credit and debit payments.

Rugged and Weatherproof PIN Entry Device

The SmartPIN L100ís robust, vandal resistant design features a molded body, a stainless steel cover, and metal engraved keys, making the SmartPIN L100 ideal for unattended environments. For further security, tamper switches and removal detection sensors protect the PIN pad from malicious activity. The SmartPIN L100 can also be used in outdoor environments with waterproof keys and a built-in gasket to withstand splashed, spilled, and direct liquid spray.

Ideal for Integrating Into a Chip and PIN Solution

When integrated with ID TECHís Spectrum Pro, the SmartPIN L100 is an ideal product for a Chip and PIN Solution. The two products can also be used with the contactless antenna from the ViVOpay Kiosk III to accept NFC contactless payments in outdoor and unattended applications such as parking, vending machines, kiosks, and other POS systems.

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI 4.x) Certified

  • Meets ADA, ANSI and ISO standards for a PIN Entry Device (PED)

  • 4 screw holes and built-in gasket for watertight mounting

  • IP65 rated and NEMA 4 rated keypad

  • Removal detection and tamper resistant

  • Secure scheme for authorized activation/installation

  • TDES encryption algorithm

  • Key management: Master/Session, DUKPT

  • LCD Display

  • Rugged, vandal resistant design for outdoor, indoor & unattended applications