KU-007 Plus

KU-007 Plus

The TSC KU-007 Plus Programmable Keyboard is the easiest way to build a stand-alone printing system and works as a small portable PC to save valuable working space. The KU-007 Plus offers the unique capability of communicating with virtually every brand of bar code printer on the market today.

The KU-007 Plus Programmable Keyboard allows users to upload or download files as well as connect an input devise such as a CCD Scanner to its additional RS232 interface. Simply generate desired label formats through an easy to use BASIC-like language interpreter. By downloading into the flash memory of the keyboard, you can build a stand-alone printing system instantly.

  • 2MB flash memory and 256 SRAM memory

  • LCD display panel (graphic type)

  • Built-in BASIC-like language interpreter

  • Real-time-clock

  • Password locking for security

  • Built in EURO currency logo

  • 6-digit floating-point calculation