15" StealthTouch II


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State-of-the-art touchscreen computer with a hot-swappable battery.
The StealthTouch II sets a new standard for portability. It is a 15" all-in-one with a hot-swappable battery, 5200mAh or 13400mAh, that will allow you to set it up at any location without restriction to power outlets. The battery also provides uninterruptable operations in the event of power loss.

The StealthTouch has a sleek and modern look and is rugged to withstand harsh and demanding environments. A wide range of peripherals can be seamlessly integrated onto the StealthTouch, such as a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), smart card reader (EMV), fingerprint reader, iButton, 2-line display, and 10” LCD. An external charger is available to charge 4 batteries at once.

Designed with input directly from customers and industry experts, the StealthTouch II’s versatile design allows you the flexibility to adapt and meet your application requirements and budget. With its long shelf life of a minimum of five years, the StealthTouch will help lower your total cost of ownership.

  • Powered by Intel Quad Core or Core i5 processor

  • Fanless operation with Windows 10 ready

  • Dual-hinged stand allowing adjustable heights and viewing angles

  • Hot-swappable battery for uninterruptable operations or portable setups where power outlets are not available