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SteadyLAN™ is a patent pending technology available on certain mC-Print Series printers. It provides wired Ethernet service to an iPad connected to a networked printer via the lightning cable (iOS10 or later required). SteadyLAN is available on the following mC-Print models: mCP21LB, mCP31L, and mCP31LB.

Star's unique SteadyLAN™ technology (patent pending) makes unstable Wi-Fi signals a thing of the past! SteadyLAN, available on certain mC-Print models and designed for iOS, provides direct cabled control of the printer and attached peripherals, as well as Ethernet provision to the tablet, from the wired Ethernet port of the printer (iOS10 or later required).

For locations where Wi-Fi connectivity is not possible or unreliable, this new technology is a world first, providing the stability of a cabled LAN connection for tablet POS systems. By connecting the SteadyLAN-compatible printer to the Internet via wired LAN and connecting the printer and an iPad with a Lightning-USB cable, the iPad can use the Internet without Wi-Fi communication. At the same time, the iPad can communicate with the printer via USB or LAN and can be charged from the printer.

  • Direct Data Transfer Between Apple iOS Devices and the Printer via Apple Lightning Cable

  • Direct Ethernet Connectivity to iOS Devices from the Wired Ethernet Port of the Printer

  • Device Charging via Apple Lightning Cable

  • Peripheral Control (Scanner, Display) via Printer USB Host