TM-L90II LFC Thermal Label Printer

TM-L90II LFC Thermal Label Printer

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The flexible TM-L90II LFC thermal label printer from Epson features fast, efficient operation. With a convenient label-taken sensor, it accepts multiple jobs but prints only one label at a time, preventing newly-printed labels from adhering to one another. It also features back-feed functionality, enabling the printer to print closer to the top of the label for more efficient media use.

Model Number C31C412681

  • Label-taken sensor accepts multiple jobs but only prints one label at a
    time; prevents continuous printing and labels adhering to each other

  • Back-feed capability retracts labels so it can print closer to the top for
    more efficient media use

  • Advanced paper-saving features white-space and character-height
    reduction help reduce paper usage up to 47 percent1

  • Ready-to-use labels help improve order accuracy and
    customer satisfaction

  • Flexible one printer for both liner-free labeling and receipt printing
    mPOS friendly supports printing from smartphones and tablets

  • Convenient dual interfaces, including built-in USB for flexible connectivity

  • Fast print speeds up to 170 mm/sec
    Versatile 40, 58 and 80 mm print width support options