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The SRP-F310II is a front exit type receipt POS printer adapting structure for preventing liquid infiltration and certified under the electrical protection level, IP12 Class. Its design components include an exterior cover as well as dual layers on both sides of the printer which discharge liquid preventing it from infiltrating inside. In addition, it is designed with an outlet at the bottom of the printer for liquid that may seep inside through the cover open button.

Environmental Endurance

  • Liquid-Barrier™ creates real waterproof and dustproof solution (IP12 certified)

  • Built-in power supply for space saving and water protection

Ensuring Business Continuity

  • High reliability of 250 km TPH with its auto cutter guaranteed up to 3 million cuts

  • Faster printing speed of up to 350 mm/sec (29% faster than SRP-F310)

  • All in one Plus™ Interface:

    • Built-in USB V2.0 & Ethernet + Optional Serial, Parallel,

    • Powered USB, Bluetooth or WLAN


  • Paper save mode supported

  • Eco-friendly low power consumption technology adopted

  • Energy star certified