WindFall Frame for iPad mini Stainless Steel

WindFall Frame for iPad mini Stainless Steel

Secure Mounting Frame for iPad mini in hand-polished Stainless Steel

WindFall Frame for iPad Mini features commercial grade construction, tamper-resistant assembly, and handsome aesthetics. WindFall Frame for iPad Mini is perfect for use in the retail and hospitality industries. This premium edition of our WindFall Frame for iPad Mini is made of high-grade stainless steel. Once manufactured, each frame is hand polished for a jaw-dropping mirrored finish. Most ports, switches, and antennas remain accessible and functional Ė with the exception of the volume and mute switches (not to worry, these are still accessible via on screen controls). Need to create a kiosk experience? Use iOSís Guided Access feature to prohibit navigation outside of your app. With WindFall Frame for iPad Mini and iOSís Guided Access feature, itís now easy and inexpensive to install secure, interactive information kiosks throughout your retail space.

Compatible Devices

  • Apple iPad mini

  • Apple iPad mini 2 with Retina Display

  • Apple iPad mini 3 with Retina Display

Compatible Card Readers

  • Groupon Payments

  • IDTECH iMag Pro

  • IDTECH iMag Pro II

  • IDTECH Shuttle

  • IDTECH UniMag II

  • IDTECH UniMag Pro

  • iDynamo 5 (Lightning Connector)

  • Intuit GoPayment

  • MagTek uDynamo

  • PayAnywhere

  • PayPal Here

  • Rambler

  • ROAMPay

  • Shopify

  • Square

  • SumUp

  • Verifone SAIL

  • 8 inches tall
  • 6.4 inches wide
  • 0.6 inches deep
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene