Archelon EXO

Archelon EXO

Table Top Mount

The strong but open framework of the Archelon EXO allows for secure protection without detracting from the iPad's modern and sleek design. Protect your investment with a functional and secure iPad enclosure, knowing that your iPad will stay exactly where you intended.

Recommended uses:

  • Hospitality

  • Medical

  • Retail

  • Tri-Axial Swivel allows movement in multiple planes; up and down, side to side, landscape and portrait views

  • Easy to customize use; enabling or disabling access to iPad ports with tamper-proof plugs

  • Home Button Cover included

  • Cord Management Canal secures charging cable with placement hooks

  • Power cord plug protects the charging cable from being removed

  • Commercial grade enclosure with a sleek, lightweight design

  • Compatible with iPad generations 2, 3, 4

  • Product: 8.5" x 7.3" x 11.7"
  • Base: 5.8" x 3.5" x 7.3"
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Materials: ABS and Glass Filled Nylon
  • Color: Black