Archelon EXO | Point-of-Sale Solutions

Archelon EXO | Point-of-Sale Solutions

With a tablet-based Point of Sale system, you can do business more conveniently, efficiently and profitably than ever before. Archelon’s patented technologies protect your tablets and keeps your card reader secure in place, allowing for a more accurate read when swiping the credit card. Now you can join the POS revolution with the utmost confidence.

Recommended Uses:

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Custom adapters kits are available These adapters will fit with all EXO models: Table Top, Wall Mount, Secure Flip and Floor Stand.

    • Available in Table Top, Secure Flip, Wall Mount, and Floor Stand Kiosk models

    • MagTek® iDynamo Adapter Kit- This adapter secures the iDynamo card reader inside the frame of the Enclosure. The iPad is charged through the a micro USB port on the rear of the card reader. (charging cable included). Fits the 30-pin or the lightning connector card readers.

    • MagTek® uDynamo Adapter Kit - This adapter secures the uDynamo card reader inside the frame of the enclosure attaching via the audio jack port of the iPad.

    • Audio Jack Adapter Kit – This adapter is designed to fit a variety of audio jack card readers. (ID Tech UniMag II, Square)

    • Audio Jack Adapter Kit - Accommodates VARIOUS audio jack card readers for use in Point of Sale applications. Compatible with all Archelon EXO models and iPad Generations 2/3/4/Air. (Contact your Archelon Sales Professional to confirm which reader is compatible).

  • Tough, durable construction prevents theft and protects tablet

  • Tamper-proof port plugs enhance security

  • Sleek, attractive design preserves the tablet experience

Compatible Card Readers:

  • MagTek iDynamo

  • MagTek uDynamo

  • Various audio jack card readers (example: IDtech unimag II & Square)