Archelon XTR | Point-of-Sale Solutions

Archelon XTR | Point-of-Sale Solutions

With a tablet-based Point of Sale system, you can do business more conveniently, efficiently and profitably than ever before. Archelons patented technologies protect your tablets and keeps your card reader secure in place, allowing for a more accurate read when swiping the credit card. Now you can join the POS revolution with the utmost confidence.

Recommended Uses:

  • Restaurants

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Available in Enclosure+Charging Base and Enclosure Only

  • Tough, durable construction prevents theft and protects tablet

  • Tamper-proof port plugs enhance security

  • Special adapters for a wide variety of card readers

  • Sleek, attractive design preserves the tablet experience

  • Lock + Key Detachable Frame for secure mobility

  • 180 Flip for easier customer transactions

  • Concealed cord management

Compatible Card Readers:

  • MagTek iDynamo

  • MagTek uDynamo

  • Square

  • ID Tech UniMag

  • ID Tech Shuttle

  • Most Audio Jack Card Readers