Reseller Recruitment Testimonials

Here is how we have helped software developers in the past:

A retail software company in Minnesota wanted to target a big retail software reseller, non M-S Cash Drawer partner network. We provided them with a reseller list that covered 90% of the market the software company needed to target.

A table service restaurant software company in Illinois wanted to recruit resellers in Ohio and New York. We introduced them with one reseller in each state.

A small software company out of Colorado wanted to connect with prospective resellers. We connected them with two resellers in the first week.

A merchant/credit card service provider in Florida wanted to add POS software to their arsenal. We connected them with a software company out of New York the same day.

A small retail software developer wanted to recruit additional resellers for their products. We helped them recruit new reseller partners.

A small restaurant software developer out of Colorado needed to recruit reseller. Featuring their company in our newsletter helped them connect with three prospective resellers.

A dry cleaning reseller was looking to add retail software for coffee shops, flower shops and other verticals. We helped them connect with a software developer that fit the bill.

A reseller in Illinois wasn't happy with the support they were receiving from their software partner. We helped them connect with a new software partner known for product reliability and customer service.

A cash register reseller in San Diego was looking to add grocery and liquor store software to their portfolio. We connected them with a software developer from Maine.

One of our resellers in Maryland was looking for a grocery store software partner for one of their customers. We helped the software developer connect with the reseller for a 10 terminal grocery install.

A retail software developer with 40 active reseller partners wanted to target resellers selling restaurant POS software in major Metropolitan areas. We provided contact information for over 30 resellers meeting software developers' criteria to the software developer.

An Aldelo reseller in Georgia was looking for grocery store software for their clients. We helped the reseller connect with a grocery software developer on the West Coast.

A reseller in the Carolinas was looking for retail software to resell. We connected them with a software development partner in Maryland.

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