Terms & Conditions

Quote policy:

Quotes are valid for 30 days unless specifically agreed upon otherwise.

Freight Policy: Freight is always extra unless following freight policy is specifically agreed upon with the reseller in advance:

Free ground freight for shipments to the contiguous United States on AIO units (POS systems) EXCEPT ATLAS AIO UNIT MODEL, barcode/label printers, barcode scanners priced $100 or above, computers/PCs, credit card readers (MSRs) priced $100 or above, embedded systems priced $699 or above, mobile/portable printers, mobile/portable data terminals, payment terminals prices $100 or above, pole or rear displays priced $100 or above, POS computers, POS scales priced $300 or above, thermal or impact receipt printers priced $124 or above, tablets, tablet stands priced $80 or above, desktop and open frame touch monitors below 46" etc.

Free ground freight is also extended to the customer on all items drop shipped from a vendor if the vendor offers free freight to M-S Cash Drawer on such items. Free ground freight is also extended when battery backups, power supply/adapters/interface cables essential to make free ground freight hardware work, barcode scanners priced below $100, credit card readers (MSRs) priced below $100, payment terminals prices below $100, pole or rear displays priced below $100, POS scales priced below $300, or tablet stands priced below $80 are shipped with free ground freight items specified above.

Unless specifically agreed upon otherwise, freight is always extra on cash drawers, touch monitors 46" or larger, cash registers, embedded systems priced below $699, thermal or impact receipt printers priced below $124, accessories (POS decks, brackets, money trays, locking lids, keys, rear LCD, barcode scanner stands, interface cards, buzzers etc.), cables, consumables (ribbons, paper, labels etc.), parts etc.

Insurance Policy:

Insurance is applicable on all orders except when a customer shipping account is used for UPS, FedEx, or truck shipments.

Insurance is free for the first $100 of the order excluding freight & taxes.

Insurance for any shipment over $100 is charged at a rate of $0.35 for each hundred-dollar increment over the first $100.

For example, if the shipment is $350, it is calculated as follows: $350-$100 = $250. $250 is "three increments" of $100, so the insurance would be 3 X $0.35 = $1.05. Another example: If the shipment is $103, the insurance would be for the "one increment" beyond the first free $100, so it would be $0.35

Open Box or Return Policy:

All warranty and DOA claims have to comply with manufacturer/vendor policy.

RMA is required for all returns.

All parts, interface cards, ribbons, and paper sales are final.

The customer is responsible for ensuring product compatibility with software and other hardware before purchase.

The customer is responsible for ensuring product(s) meets or exceeds their expectations before making a purchase.

Unless a wrong item was shipped due to M-S error, we do not accept any open box returns unless an RMA is approved by the manufacturer/vendor.

No product returns are accepted after 30 days of purchase for any reason(s).

In some cases, M-S Cash Drawer may accept unopened items bought within 30 days with restocking and freight recovery fee.